Space Harvest II

Epic Real-Time Space Strategy for iPad

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About Space Harvest II

Space Harvest II is an old fashioned single player Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for iPad.

Players construct buildings, manufacture units, research upgrades and explore the map to find mushrooms. Mushrooms can be harvested to earn money, enabling players to build more units, structures and upgrades. AI players compete to harvest the same mushrooms, building their own bases and units, and will expand over the map, attacking the player wherever they can.

The main game comprises 8 ‘campaign’ missions, in which the player is given certain objectives to complete in each mission. Once the campaign missions are complete, ‘Custom Game’ mode is unlocked, allowing players to tweak the rules of the game and replay maps from the campaign against customisable AI opponents.

Additionally, the game includes a tutorial mission, online help, and a guide to the in-game units, structures and upgrades.

Space Harvest II is the sequel to the highly rated 2010 iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game Space Harvest.
(App Store / PocketGamer review / AppSpy Review).

Like its predecessor, it offers an isometric RTS experience reminiscent of games from the early 1990s DOS era, but updated for modern mobile devices. The new game was built on an all new custom engine specifically designed around the capabilities of the iPad.

Space Harvest II is the kind of iPad game its author wanted to play but nobody else seemed to be making. Its challenging missions are intended for longer gameplay sessions than traditional mobile games.

It offers many improvements over the first game, including vastly improved AI and pathing, three-dimensional terrain, a much wider selection of units, high resolution retina graphics (on the iPad 4 and later) with real-time lighting effects, hundreds of new sound effects, plus a musical score that adapts to the current game conditions.


The game was made by Ben Copsey (programming / graphics / voiceover), with music and sound effects by Aaron Lemke.

The game has been a labour of love, in development on and off since August 2010 (when money & time permitted!)


It works on the iPad 2 or later (iPad 2/Mini/3/4/Retina Mini/Air/Air 2) on devices running iOS 7 or later.

Pricing & Availability:

Space Harvest II is only available in the iTunes App Store.

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$4.99 US / £3.99 UK / €4.99 EU / $6.49 AUS / $5.79 CAN
Space Harvest II does not include in-app purchases.


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